Why do multi-tasking parents take multivitamins?

Published February 21, 2019

Taking a daily multivitamin may be one step in helping mums and dads give their bodies the support they may need when dealing with a busy lifestyle.
Being a parent is often akin to being a master multitasker. While doing 100 different things at once can help you achieve a lot more in a shorter space of time, it can potentially also affect your health and wellbeing.

Taking a daily multivitamin may be one step in helping mums and dads give their bodies the support they may need when dealing with a busy lifestyle.
Do Multivitamins provide the body with the nutrients it needs (and may not be getting)?

As parents, and especially as mums, we tend to take care of everyone else but neglect our own health by replacing breakfast with coffee, eating on the run or relying on sugary treats to help get us through our busy days. When your diet isn’t as good as it should be, multivitamins may help fill nutritional gaps ensuring your body gets what it needs to function well.

How do Multivitamins support energy production?

B vitamins are key nutrients in a good multivitamin and are required to convert the food we eat into the energy we need to get us through the day.

How do Multivitamins support our immune defenses?

Continual stress can lower our immune defences and make us more vulnerable to falling ill. Various vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc all play a key role in supporting the function of our immune system in various ways. Let’s face it, busy mums and dads really can’t afford to be sick.

What is the right multivitamin for parents?

Some multivitamins are formulated taking into account the nutritional and health requirements to suit different life stages and gender. These products may contain different ingredients and/or they could contain different amounts of certain nutrients. Women’s multivitamins are created specifically to meet women’s nutritional needs. Beneficial ingredients include:

  • Iron – Can assist in maintaining healthy red blood cells
  • Calcium – Supports the structure of bones and teeth
  • Vitamin B6 – May help with the relief of premenstrual symptoms (PMS)
  • Evening primrose oil – May help maintain healthy skin
  • Biotin – Helps strengthen soft brittle nails

Similarly, men’s Multivitamins are designed to meet men’s nutritional needs. Ingredients to look out for in men’s multivitamins are:

  • Zinc – Men have greater zinc needs than women as it’s necessary for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system, supports healthy prostate function and is important for sperm density, mobility and viability
  • Selenium – Selenium has antioxidant properties and may help maintain a healthy prostate
  • High strength B vitamins – B vitamins help to release energy from the food we eat

Cenovis Multivitamins include a range with products that are specially formulated for men and women. Explore the range here.

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