Make covering a book hassle-free with these six simple steps

Published May 16, 2017

When school starts there will be a flurry of book covering happening in homes across Australia. But covering a book can be extremely frustrating, especially when dealing with contact paper! This simple guide will help you master the skill in no time, leaving more time for the family to enjoy the remaining holidays.

These tips work equally well for textbooks and notebooks, but be sure to read all the instructions before starting.

You will need:

  • A flat, stable surface such as a table
  • A pair of sharp scissors
  • Contact paper in your choice of pattern or colour
  • A straight edged ruler
  • A pencil

How to cover the book:

  1. Lay out contact paper backing side up. Place your book onto it. Using the pencil mark the amount needed with five centimetres spare all around. Don’t forget the thicker the spine of the book, the more you need to allow on the sides.
  2. Mark the centre of the backing paper and remove the book so you can cut out the piece you need.
  3. Pull the backing paper away from the sides of the cut out piece, just enough to allow the spine to rest in the center of the contact. Carefully and firmly, using the ruler, smooth the sticky contact over the spine.
  4. Using the ruler, smooth the contact over the edge of the spine of the book cover. Continue to slowly peel away the contact backing paper, smoothing with the ruler until the side is fully covered.
  5. Cut the contact at an angle at the top of the spine where it joins the cover. Mitre each corner of the contact on the edge as closely as possible. Firmly fold and smooth the top and bottom edges, then the side edge.
  6. Flip the book over. Repeat steps four and five. Snip the contact closely at the spine. Use a pin to puncture any air bubbles. Voila, your child’s book is covered.

If the kids want to make their books a little more individual, you can always encourage them to draw a picture on an A3 sized sheet of paper which can be included on the book cover. Simply cut and glue the finished image onto an open and flat book cover, and then add the contact over it.

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