School Holiday Activities for Kids : Building a Cubby House

Published May 16, 2017

Do you remember collecting your mum’s best bed sheets and dining chairs and creating a cosy nook to escape to from the real world? Encourage your kids to do the same these school holidays. This activity is a particularly good one for those times when bad weather forces everyone indoors. They’ll simply lose themselves for hours transforming household goods into their very own secret hideaway for reading, playing and scheming. Aside from being a whole lot of fun, building a cubby also stimulates “imaginative play”, an important part of childhood development.

There really aren’t any rules when making a cubby house or pillow fort and if you leave it up to your kids’ imaginations amazing things will appear. However, for a little creative assistance check out our tips below:

What you’ll need

  • Assortment of lightweight blankets and bed sheets
  • Pillows or bean bags
  • Three or four chairs
  • Pegs


  1. Find a secret spot

    Anywhere will do, as long as you have enough room to build your masterpiece.

  2. Start construction

    Put your chairs in a circle with their backs facing inwards. Now drape a couple of bed sheets or blankets over the chairs and secure with pegs so your cubby doesn’t collapse in the middle. Make sure there’s a flap at the front for the entrance.

  3. Make it comfy

    Bring pillows, bean bags and other comfy items inside.

  4. Bring in supplies

    Grab some snacks, reading material, toys, a torch and perhaps some cubby buddies.

  5. Have loads of fun

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