5 ways to protect your children from the common cold

Published June 29, 2017

Don’t sit around waiting for winter and illness to strike!

You can take measures to protect your children from the common cold now. Here are five ways to act now.

  1. Stay away from people who are sick

    The common cold usually spreads via droplets from an infected person’s coughs or sneezes. These can travel up to a metre or so, so your child should avoid close contact with others who have a cold.

    If someone in your household is sick, they should stay away from your children. They should also wash their hands after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose. Dispose of used tissues straight into a bin. 1

  2. Monitor personal hygiene

    If your child touches a contaminated surface or object and then touches their mouth, nose or eyes, they may be more likely to catch a cold. So ensure your children wash their hands regularly, using soap and water or an alcohol-based product. Washing hands is the most effective way of ensuring you don’t catch a cold2.

    Talk to your children about the importance of not touching their mouths and noses—it may not be easy for them, but it’s a good practice for them to develop at a young age.

  3. Monitor household hygiene

    Regularly clean frequently touched surfaces with normal household detergents to ensure the common cold doesn’t spread. Wash your children’s toys regularly, too.3

  4. Get plenty of sleep

    To keep their immunity strong, ensure your child gets enough sleep. Ensuring enough shut-eye each night can help bolster your defences against catching the common cold.4

  5. Eat well and exercise

    Eating well and exercising are also important when it comes to keeping your child’s immunity strong.

    But if you do get sick, staying healthy can mean getting help by supplementing diets, especially if kids are fussy eaters. Cenovis Kids Vita Tingles Vitamin C + Fruit & Veggies can help to support little immune systems. Vitamin C may reduce the duration of colds if taken regularly.

    It’s also a powerful antioxidant. As the name suggests, Tingles tickle the tongue, which makes them fun for little ones to chew. Parents can rest easy too as they have no added sugar or artificial colours or flavours.

    For children aged over six, Betadine Sore Throat Lozenges provide temporary but fast and soothing relief for sore throat pain.

    But mums and dads shouldn’t overlook maintaining their own health, either. Cenovis Vitamin C 250mg may support the functioning of the immune system and, if taken regularly, reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms if they do hit. Cenovis’ Sugarless C 500mg is another alternative.

    Another weapon in the cold-fighting arsenal for mums and dads could be Nature’s Own Garlic plus C, Horseradish, Fenugreek and Marshmallow, which may also support immunity when taken regularly.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Learn about which Cenovis product may be appropriate for you.


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